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Sharmane’s Story of Hope

Our Hope Association is humbled by the unique strengths, struggles and stories of the women we have served over the last 50 years. Their journeys are at the heart of our work and now, more than ever, the recovering community needs your support. We ask that you consider making a financial gift to Our Hope this giving season. Every dollar gifted goes to support the women of Our Hope, like Sharmane.

Here is Sharmane’s Story of Hope as poetry:

I can't give you my glory until I give you, my story.
A little girl lost and alone in a world of pain that wasn't my own.
Childhood trauma, foster homes, molestation, and substance use too,
all came from the environment in which I grew.
So, growing up fast is what I had to do,
but thank God I don't look like what I've been through.
17 years of active addiction was a mission I was on trying to fix it.
The broken, wounded alone little girl found life again when I walked in the door.
December of 2007 I was saved by God’s grace,
when he opened Our Hope’s doors, so I could win the race.
15 years later I’m still in the race facing life on life's terms daily and doing it with grace.
Do not misunderstand me, none of it has been easy,
but I live a better life since Our Hope saved me.
I want on to college and got my degree and was honored when Our Hope employed me.
It gave me a chance to help other's get free, Michigan State Certified Recovery Coach.
Yeah, that's me, all because Our Hope believed in me.
The last 15 years I've been through a lot and never gave using a first or second thought.
I got my children back and even got married. I’m now a widow, yet I’m still standing.
Living through the hurt and the pain, all I see is more victory to gain.
Thank you, Our Hope, for believing in me. Now I float like a butterfly, but sting like a bee.
So, thank you again for all you invested in me.
The best treatment center ever, Our Hope will always be.

Yours truly, Sharmane Sutton Jones.

Without your support, we would not be able provide hope, healing, growth, and recovery to women seeking healing from the disease of addiction. Please visit our website at or for more information or to give online. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we share words of encouragement, news, events, and stories of hope from women whose lives have been touched by Our Hope. Thank you for your support of Our Hope!