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Will you help women healing from the disease of addiction?

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Help Women Heal from the Disease of Addiction

Between the Covid-19 pandemic and opioid epidemic, the need for treatment programs is higher than ever. More people are now in need of treatment, but the number of treatment centers has decreased.

In Michigan, 638,000 suffer from substance use disorder, yet only 28% receive treatment. Many claimed they did not receive care they need due to the unaffordable cost or not knowing where to get treatment. Will you help make more treatment services affordable?

As detoxification units and residential treatment centers have closed following the pandemic, it has made recovery resources even hard to find. The option for women-centered treatment is even more limited.

Our Hope is one of few organizations nationwide that is solely dedicated to a woman-centered approach to recovery. From our beginning in 1972, our founders recognized that addiction affects women different and requires a unique approach to treatment. Our home-like environment helps to provide a comfortable and safe place for our clients to do the hard work of healing.

Our 90-day Residential Treatment Program provides treatment, counseling, and education to guide women to recovery from alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions so often related to these diseases. Clients immerse themselves in the recovery process by attending group therapy, individual therapy, and learning valuable coping-skills and life-skills.

A compassionate approach, a dignified home-like setting for treatment, and 50 years of expertise in women-centered recovery make Our Hope one of the best options for women anywhere they are on their personal journeys to recovery, regardless of their ability to pay.

This moment in our history comes as the number of women challenged by alcoholism or addiction is increasing. We not only want to help stop this trend, but we imagine a world where every woman has the opportunity to see for herself that change is possible.

We need your help today to make this dream a reality. We depend upon fundraising from people like you to grow our program and offer more services recovery services to women.

Help us guide more women on their very personal journeys to recovery.

Will you give now?

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